TOCA News Release Guidelines for Editors

I will inform my magazine co-workers and Publisher(s) that I follow the News Release Guidelines for Editors as put forth by TOCA. By following the guidelines, I can be better assured that the news releases we receive will be relevant to our readers and foster more editorial value.

  1. I will select and publish news releases based strictly on their news value to my readers. The objective selection of releases based on their news worthiness ensures that readers will have full access to industry news. Selection of releases based on any other factor negatively affects the free and fair flow of information.
  2. I will establish a standard policy for the editorials that I will and will not accept and apply that policy fairly to all PR practitioners. Public relations practitioners ask that editors provide a “level playing field” for the work they produce. A clearly stated policy is the best route to receiving quality information.
  3. I will treat public relations and marketing personnel with respect.
  4. I will not use placement of editorials as a leverage for advertising. To use placement to “strong arm” marketers for advertising is a serious breech of professional ethics.

TOCA encourages editors and publishers to direct PR/marketers to the TOCA News Release Guidelines for Marketers located at the TOCA website.