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The President’s Corner – Finding a New Normal

By Russell Warner, TOCA Board President

Man, do I hate that saying. It’s as annoying as “game changer.” However, as I am writing this, it is currently day 48 of quarantine in the Warner household. Up is down; down is up; I forgot what day it is; I gave myself a very unfortunate haircut; I have finished a countless number of bourbon bottles; dogs and cats are living together – mass hysteria! This is our new normal – at least for the time being.

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2020 TOCA Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

By Kristy Mach, Executive Director

The “Journey to Denver” for the TOCA Annual Meeting is taking a long, strange trip – including all the backroads. Our arrival in Denver is now slated for May 2021. This year, we’re going to meet up on the virtual highway and gather via Zoom.

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Olivia Mayernik

Meet Olivia Mayernik: TOCA Marketing Intern

By Cindy Code, Project Evergreen

Project EverGreen will proudly host another TOCA marketing intern during the summer of 2020. The intern program is a fantastic opportunity for an aspiring communicator to gain valuable, real-world experience. The program is provided by TOCA and generously funded by Den and Sandy Gardner and Dave Hansen. Project EverGreen is grateful and looks forward to making the most of the experience.

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Hal Phillips

GCM – ‘A new sheriff in town’
Gardner Award Winner for Writing – Publishing: Environmental Stewardship Article – Commercial Publications

We asked Hal Phillips about his winning entry, “A new sheriff in town.”

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Navigating Uncharted Waters – Personally and Professionally

By Ellie Parry, Forte Marketing & Public Relations

In some respects, it feels like we were only recently in Orlando, Fla., for the Golf Industry Show, enjoying the TOCA breakfast together, working hard on the show floor, and taking part in the Syngenta “Health in Action” 5K. In other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago. It is difficult to comprehend how much life has changed since then.

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Running shoes

Spring Running: Avoid Getting Wet

By Dan Gardner, TOCA Special Running Correspondent

The snow has melted, golf courses are open – where one can get in a great walk – and that makes for great running, walking and jogging. Warmer weather is here! But that also brings some challenges – mainly water – as in getting wet shoes and socks. Be careful out there. Slowly ramp up your exercising and dress properly. This time of year can be a wonderful season to get back into outdoor exercise.

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