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  • Full Name Alison Blobner
    Company Name LandOpt
    Company Title Director, Marketing & Sales
  • Full Name Adam Rolf
    Company Name Global Prairie
  • Full Name Alison Fortner
    Company Name SuperSod
    Company Title Assistant Marketing Director
  • Full Name Angela Hartmann
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Sr. Manager Corporate Communications
  • Full Name Alanna Dugan
    Company Name Cannonball
    Company Title Associate Creative Director
  • Full Name Alison McNeal
    Company Name Two Rivers Marketing
    Company Title Public Relations Specialist
  • Full Name Amy Perkins
    Company Name GIE + EXPO
    Company Title Marketing
  • Full Name Amy Jones
    Company Name IMRE
    Company Title Account Executive
  • Full Name Andrew Gillman
    Company Name Performance Marketing
    Company Title Media Communications
  • Full Name Anne Blakenbiller
    Company Name Irrigation Association
    Company Title Managing Editor
  • Full Name Andy Parmann
    Company Name EPIC Creative
    Company Title Social Media Specialist
  • Full Name Autumn Rausch
    Company Name Certis USA
    Company Title Marketing Assistant
  • Full Name Austen Sutton
    Company Name Syngenta Crop Protection
    Company Title Global Business Support Manager
  • Full Name Adreana Young
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Content Specialist
  • Full Name Bethany Chambers
    Company Name North Coast Media
    Company Title Director of Audience Engagement
  • Full Name Ben Shooner
    Company Name Focal Point Communications
  • Full Name Beth Hyatt
    Company Name Randall Reilly
    Company Title Associate Editor
  • Full Name Brian Horn
    Company Name GIE Media
    Company Title Managing Editor, Lawn & Landscape
  • Full Name Bill Hallgren
    Company Name Global Prairie
  • Full Name Brett Illiff
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Account Development Manager
  • Full Name Troy Blewett
    Company Name Briggs & Stratton
  • Full Name Bob Beers
    Company Name Baseline Irrigation Solutions
    Company Title Marketing Manager
  • Full Name Matt Yaske
    Company Name MRDS, Inc.
    Company Title MRDS, Inc.
  • Full Name Brian Bellmont
    Company Name Bellmont Partners
    Company Title President
  • Full Name Brian Laurent
    Company Name Propel Solutions
    Company Title Principal