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  • Full Name Tanya Petersen
    Company Name Performance Marketing
  • Full Name Teresa Carson
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Sr. Science Editor
  • Full Name Tessa Bonnstetter
    Company Name imre
    Company Title Account Executive
  • Full Name Tyler Kavanaugh
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Creative Manager
  • Full Name Tom Mentzer
    Company Name Mentzer PR Group
    Company Title Principal - Public Relations Counsel
  • Full Name Timmothy Merath
    Company Name EPIC Creative
    Company Title Director of Creative Services
  • Full Name Tra Huddleston
    Company Name Nufarm Americas Inc.
    Company Title Turf & Ornamental Product Manager
  • Full Name Tripp Trotter
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title Head of Marketing, Turf & Ornamental
  • Full Name Gail Trudeau
    Company Name Briggs & Stratton
  • Full Name Veronica Biczo
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply
    Company Title Public Relations Manager
  • Full Name Victoria Carter
    Company Name EnP
    Company Title Graphic Designer
  • Full Name Wendy Christiansen
    Company Name Iron Clad Marketing
    Company Title Operations Manager
  • Full Name Warren Gorowitz
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Vice President of Sustainability
  • Full Name Whitney Hoefer
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Marketing Manager
  • Full Name Yelena Tischenko
    Company Name Irrigation Association
    Company Title Digital Content Editor - Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine