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  • Full Name Craig Jakubek
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title Herbicide Brand Manager
  • Full Name Dan Hannan
    Company Name North Coast Media
    Company Title Regional Sales Manager, Landscape Management/ Golfdom
  • Full Name Dan Augustine
    Company Name EPIC Creative
  • Full Name Dan Carrothers
    Company Name Emery OleoChemical
    Company Title Global Business Manager
  • Full Name Dominic Corriveau
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Ecommerce Content & Promotions Manager
  • Full Name Debbie Clayton
    Company Name Clayton Communications
    Company Title Principal
  • Full Name Den Gardner
    Company Name G & G Communications
    Company Title Executive Director
  • Full Name Denise Stoppleworth
    Company Name Iron Clad Marketing
    Company Title President
  • Full Name Derek Nystrom
    Company Name Martin Williams
    Company Title Media Planner
  • Full Name Dennis Lambrecht
  • Full Name Danielle Lanning
    Company Name Grand View Media
    Company Title Assistant Editor, Digital Media
  • Full Name Doug Outman
    Company Name Cannonball
    Company Title Creative Director
  • Full Name Dawn Rigby
    Company Name Advanced Turf Solutions
    Company Title Marketing Manager
  • Full Name dave stewart
  • Full Name Emma Fusco
    Company Name KIOTI Tractor
    Company Title Marketing Coordinator
  • Full Name Ella Boyden
    Company Name Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd
    Company Title PR & Communications Officer
  • Full Name Ellie Parry
    Company Name Forte Marketing
    Company Title Marketing & Public Relations
  • Full Name Eva Magnusen
    Company Name Exacto Inc.
    Company Title Business Analyst
  • Full Name Emma Brooke
    Company Name Global Prairie
  • Full Name Emma Erdman
    Company Name Martin Williams
    Company Title Account Manager
  • Full Name Eric Olson
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Director, Marketing
  • Full Name Eric Lentz
    Company Name Bayer Envir. Science
    Company Title Regional Manager, Cool Season
  • Full Name Felicia Gillham
    Company Name Gillham & Assoc. Marketing Communications
    Company Title Managing Director
  • Full Name Fuzz Martin
    Company Name EPIC Creative
    Company Title Director of PR & Social Media
  • Full Name Gray Abercrombie
    Company Name Greenworks Tools
    Company Title Marketing Director