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  • Full Name Jessica Garrett
    Company Name Martin Williams
    Company Title VP, Director of Media
  • Full Name Jill Odom
    Company Name Randall Reilly Publishing
    Company Title Editor, Total Landscape Care
  • Full Name Jon Kiger
    Company Name TurfNet
    Company Title Director of Media and Membership Sales
  • Full Name Jon Miducki
    Company Name Hilltop Data Solutions
    Company Title General Manager
  • Full Name Jimmy Miller
    Company Name GIE Media
    Company Title Associate Editor
  • Full Name Joe Gillespie
    Company Name Aquatrols
    Company Title Graphic Designer
  • Full Name Joseph R. Shooner
    Company Name Focal Point Communications
  • Full Name John Wendorf
    Company Name Bayer Envir. Science
    Company Title Marketing, Lawn & Ornamentals
  • Full Name Jose Milan
    Company Name Bayer Envir. Science
    Company Title Manager, Global Marketing
  • Full Name Josh Chavis
    Company Name Global Prairie
  • Full Name John Reitman
    Company Name TurfNet
    Company Title Editor
  • Full Name Joseph Rogge
    Company Name EPIC Creative
    Company Title CCO
  • Full Name Joe Sallustio
    Company Name PBI-Gordon Corporation
    Company Title Digital Communications Sr. Specialist
  • Full Name Jesse Tallman
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Ecommerce & Multimedia Manager
  • Full Name Justin Thiry
    Company Name Advanced Turf Solutions
    Company Title Graphic Artist
  • Full Name Karl Hansell
    Company Name British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association
    Company Title Communications Executive
  • Full Name Katie Beth Groover
    Company Name Nufarm Americas
    Company Title Communications Specialist
  • Full Name Kayla Brugman
    Company Name Bayer Environmental Science
    Company Title Regional Manager
  • Full Name Kellie Lasack
  • Full Name Kyle Ellsworth
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Videographer
  • Full Name Khalem Charles
    Company Name IMRE
    Company Title Associate Account Executive
  • Full Name Kham Soundara
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title E-Business Market Lead
  • Full Name Kelly Limpert
    Company Name North Coast Media
    Company Title Digital Dontent Producer for Landscape Management/Golfdom
  • Full Name Kristen Martin
    Company Name LandOpt
    Company Title Executive Office Manager
  • Full Name Kelly Neis
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Sr. Manager Creative Services