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  • Full Name Ray Garvey
    Company Name Grasshopper Company, The
    Company Title Marketing Coordinator
  • Full Name Rob Ghosh
    Company Name Grand View Media
    Company Title Designer - Turf Design Build
  • Full Name Russ Warner
    Company Name GIE Media
    Company Title National Accounts Manager: Golf Course Industry, Lawn & Landscape
  • Full Name Sandy Gardner
    Company Name G & G Communications
    Company Title Accounting
  • Full Name Sarah Provancher
    Company Name GIE + EXPO
    Company Title Marketing
  • Full Name Sarah Findle
    Company Name Global Prairie
  • Full Name Sarah Brady
    Company Name Cool Planet
    Company Title Business Manager
  • Full Name Sarah Bunyea
    Company Name Irrigation Association
    Company Title Digital Content Editor
  • Full Name Sarah Webb
    Company Name North Coast Media
    Company Title Associate Editor Landscape Management
  • Full Name Sara Bojar
    Company Name EPIC Creative
  • Full Name Susan Coene
    Company Name Group C Media Inc.
    Company Title Co-President
  • Full Name Scott Reasons
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title Head of Syngenta Professional Solutions - Americas
  • Full Name Scott Covelli
    Company Name EPIC Creative
    Company Title Senior Social Media Specialist/ Copywriter
  • Full Name Sherry Moss Mitchell
    Company Name Nufarm Americas Inc.
    Company Title Communications Manager
  • Full Name Scott Hollister
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Editor-in-Chief/ Director, Publications
  • Full Name Sarah Huerter
    Company Name GCSAA
    Company Title Manager, Digital Media & Communications
  • Full Name Seth Jones
    Company Name North Coast Media
    Company Title Editor-in-Chief, Golfdom, Athletic Turf
  • Full Name Sophie Snyder
    Company Name WinField United
    Company Title Marketing Manager
  • Full Name Shawn Reed
    Company Name Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
    Company Title Advertising and Project Manager
  • Full Name Stacie Zinn Roberts
    Company Name What's Your Avocado?
    Company Title Marketing Consultant
  • Full Name Stephanie Schwenke
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title Turf Market Manager
  • Full Name Stephanie Hays
    Company Name Swanson Russell
    Company Title VP / Account DIrector
  • Full Name Steve Trusty
    Company Name Trusty & Associates
    Company Title Owner/President
  • Full Name Steve Jedrzejek
    Company Name Nufarm Americas Inc.
    Company Title Customer & Brand Marketing Manager - Turf & Formulator
  • Full Name Steve Dorer
    Company Name Syngenta
    Company Title Fungicide Brand Manager