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Perhaps you know of some deserving student currently pursuing a career in green industry communications. A niece or nephew? The kid down the block who used to mow your lawn but now studies marketing and landscape architecture at the University of Oregon? Maybe it’s your intern, the one answering your phone as you read this very sentence. How about nominating him or her for a TOCA scholarship?

Megan Tyminsky, University of Missouri, receives scholarship honor from selection committee member, Steve Trusty

The TOCA Board of Directors will award up to two $2,500, fall semester scholarships (2019-2020 academic-year) to  undergraduate college students pursuing a career in green industry communications. To qualify, students must major or minor in technical communications or a green industry related field such as horticulture, plant sciences, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, etc. The applicants also must demonstrate an interest in using this course of study in the field of communications.

The Publishers’ Scholarship is supported by Golf Course Management, Total Landscape Care, GIE Media, North Coast Media, Group C Media, SportsTurf magazines and

2020 TOCA Scholarship Application

More than $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded since its inception in 1992.  The distinguished winners are:

1992 — Michelle Thomas, Ohio State University
1993 — Jay Warnick, Utah State; and Scott Hoffman, Colorado State
1994 — Sally Moore, Michigan State; and Nicole McCarren, Ohio State
1995 — Teresa Cousins, California Poly; Katie Sue Thomas, Kansas State
1996 — Rebecca Ann Williams, Michigan State
1997 — John DeLisle, Michigan State; Miranda Juett, University of Missouri
1998 — Christy Cassady, University of Kentucky; Louise Williamson, San Joaquin Delta College;  and David Fulgham of Mississippi State
1999 — Jamie Vandecoevering, Oregon State; Carol Rudolph, North Carolina State
2000 — Helen Fare, Western Texas College; Marian Boulet, Finger Lakes Community College, NY
2001 — Kelsey Hall, Ohio State; Beverly Moseley, U of Florida
2002 — Linda Kiscellus, Harper College, Ill; Jennifer Hoyer, Iowa State U
2003 — Beth Loberg, Iowa State
2004 — Patrick McCullough, Clemson; Dan Fuhrman, Colorado State
2005 — David Baer, Harper College; Whitney Siegfried, Colorado State
2006 — Angelina Toomey, University of Florida
2007 — Kelly Norris, Iowa State; Pat Jackson, Delaware State University
2008 – Carol Allen, University of Maryland
2009 – Jennie Love, Longwood Gardens School of Horticulture
2010 – Mikael Pehkonen, University of Guelph
2011 – Anna McIntyre, Univeristy of Georgia
2012 – Kari L. Weis, University of Missouri
2013 – Matthew Ronald McKernan, Kansas State University,
2014 – Nathan Nordstedt, Kansas State University (first); and Katie Wolters, Kansas State University
2015 – Jenna Hay, Texas Tech University
2016 – Mara McGurl, University of Georgia
2017 – Megan Tyminsky, University of Missouri
2018 – Alexa Nordwald, University of Missouri – Columbia; Mary Carr, Kansas State University

Deadline is April 15, 2020. Help us identify, encourage and reward deserving students outstanding in the field. Or on the lawn.