The Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) is the national communications professional development association in the United States for Green Industry communicators. It is 30 years old and has more than 200 members.

As TOCA enters its fourth decade, leaders in the U.S. are exploring interest from those in Europe (and possibly Australia/New Zealand) to create a branch of the organization.

Just who are TOCA members?

  • Those in editorial/sales/publisher-level positions at media organizations circulating to end-users in the Green Industry. In other words, those who write articles (as an employee of the company or as a freelancer), are responsible for selling space in various media or have overall responsibility for all aspects of the media.
  • Those who work in public relations/advertising/public affairs or other communications’ positions for suppliers (equipment, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.), and marketing communications companies (those agencies who represent clients in the Green Industry).
  • Communications professionals at member associations representing lawn, landscape, golf course, nursery, tree farm, sod farm, irrigation and other Green Industry groups.

Why create a European chapter of TOCA?

  • Be part of an organization of like individuals practicing Green Industry communications. (With many sole practitioners , working together in a specific member association builds camaraderie and professional development skills.)
  • Badge of honor (signifying membership is a prestigious organization)
  • Skills development (webinars, professional development seminars, one-day workshops, etc.). These are all geared toward those who work in Green Industry communications.
  • Recognition (through an annual communications contest recognizing the best writing, design, photography, special events, and social/digital media in Europe). The contest in the U.S. gathers nearly 400 entries each year in these skill areas.
  • Networking opportunities (to learn about others doing similar work)
  • Exposure to the wider community for issues affecting the Green industry (climate change, water scarcity, new technologies as some examples).
  • To do good (and give back to the industry).

In 2019, Ellie Parry of Forte Marketing & Public Relations, based in England, attended the annual TOCA meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. “The TOCA Annual Meeting was a great experience for me. I was particularly excited to meet other communications professionals and take part in an educational program specifically created to develop our skillset.”

What if I’m interested in learning more about TOCA for my country?