Member Testimonials

Lynnette Von Minden
Swanson Russell

TOCA has been great for me because it’s helped me connect with other communications professionals in the Green Industry. As a PR person for a marketing agency, relationships with like-minded professionals fare crucial. I don’t think I would have the close and mutually beneficial relationships that I currently have with the editors of Green Industry publications without the face-to-face networking I get as a result of being a TOCA member. TOCA has been an integral part of my ongoing professional development.


Pat Jones
GIE Media, Inc.

The Green Industry is all about relationships and TOCA is at the core of many of the best business and personal friendships I have today. I’ve been a member for two decades and I hope I’ll be a member for two more.


Leslie F. Halleck
Halleck Horticultural Inc.

TOCA presents a unique opportunity for those of us in a niche communications profession to set benchmarks of quality for our work, reflect on our work as a collective, and challenge one another to be better at what we do and how we do it. I especially love the focus on writing skills that the annual conferences provide and I always feel I grow professionally when I attend.


Anthony Williams

TOCA membership gave me an instant network of mentors that welcomed me to the family and challenged me to grow my skills. At a time when every dollar counts, TOCA membership is a winning lottery ticket, but you can’t win if you don’t play.


Steve Trusty
Trusty & Associates

TOCA has been extremely important to me over the last 23 years. I have met most of the best editors, writers, photographers and agency people in the Green Industry at TOCA events. These events are like a fun family reunion and very worthwhile businesswise.


Brian Schoenthaler
The Grasshopper Company

TOCA membership is the most valued organization for me both professionally and personally. There’s nowhere else that I can have the fellowship and access to the top editors and marketers in the Green Industry. TOCA also provides excellent professional development opportunities and challenges that provide every member the opportunity to improve their marketing and communication skills.


Laurie Riggs
Ornamentals Market Manager, Syngenta

TOCA is an excellent outlet for professional development and networking within the green industry. I find great value in the annual meeting and enjoy the opportunity to interact with and learn from others in marketing communications as well as with the industry media. It’s very beneficial see how the latest marketing communication trends and industry issues are affecting the turf & ornamental market. I always take away something new from each event that I can apply within my own company.