President’s Message – 2019 Reflection

By Russell Warner, TOCA Board President

As you read this article, it’s 2020. But being that my column is due before Christmas, I can’t help but reflect on the year that has passed and all I am thankful for. Besides, it’s never too late to give thanks, right?

TOCA has brought me so many things over the years, but what I value most are the growing relationships I’ve developed with my industry peers. Admittedly, I have reached out on many occasions to TOCA friends for advice and help… it’s a diverse network and everyone has an opinion about everything! Getting those insights from different vantage points allows me to do my job better and I am so grateful to have that support. In fact, watch out… you may be next on my list to bounce ideas around.

I am also thankful for my team at GCI who are some of the most talented people in the turf industry. They amaze me every day with their ideas about how specific content will benefit our readers. They know the exact way to present it to make the largest impact on the industry and best of all, they enjoy it. They are so creative that it makes my job easier than it really should be (don’t tell my boss).

Finally, I am thankful for my amazing wife Christina. Not only is she the best wife, but she heads two departments at GIE Media, created the lovely TOCA Talk logo you’ll find on our newsletter AND is the person who turns the gibberish I type for these columns (remember, I’m in sales) into sentences that actual humans can read.*

In summary, I seem to be thankful for those who make my life a breeze! But in seriousness, from TOCA members, to coworkers, to a coworker-turned-wife, I wanted to share all that this industry has given to make my life full.

*Editor’s Note: I’m sure most of you know talking is his strong suit. – C. Warner

Looking forward to 2020

I want 2020 to be a big year for TOCA. With our new leadership in Kristy Mach, Den’s crusade to expand TOCA’s reach into the United Kingdom, our amped-up social media efforts and continued plans to infiltrate industry events, I know we will grow our current relationships and create new ones. So, invite friends to come on board and keep in touch with the current membership… you’ll never know what you can learn from someone if you don’t take that step to start the conversation. As Christina mentioned above, I love to talk so give me a shout any time! Maybe I can pay it forward and make someone else’s job easier.

That’s all I got; cheers to a fantastic 2020!

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