TOCA Talk – Summer 2017

Summer 2017 TOCA Talk

This edition of TOCA Talk is proudly sponsored by Advanced Turf Solutions, an independent and employee-owned green industry distributor. Thank you, members of the Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association, for supporting this industry through your information, education, and outreach.

The New Administration Moves In

Lack of gator sightings aside, new TOCA president Lacy Ravencraft reflects on her 13 years as a TOCA member and her new role at the helm.

TOCA Resorts to Revving it Up at Tampa Resort

More than 70 green industry communicators attended the 2017 TOCA Annual Meeting, read the meeting recap, and the direction the board is taking TOCA.

Toca Group Picture

“It’s a pain none of my colleagues will ever understand.”

Karl Hansell, BIGGA communications executive and first-time meeting attendee, gives his “take” on the TOCA annual meeting.  Did we mention NASCAR?

Professional Development & Gardner Award Q&A brought to you by…

(Left to Right) Jill Odom, Dawn Rigby, Sara Bojar, Jennifer Klemmetson, and Debbie Clayton. (Not pictured, Scott Covelli)

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Q&A With Gardner Award Winners:

The Professional Development Committee continues its ongoing series featuring TOCA Gardner award winners.

Going “Beyond the Paycheck” with Leslie F. Halleck

Find out how the feature article for Greenhouse Management Magazine, entitled ‘Beyond the Paycheck” outlined Leslie’s personal perspectives on employee motivation and alternatives to cash compensation.  The entry took home the Gardner Award for Writing in marketing communications.


EPIC Creative’s design for “Healthy Grow Brochure” wins Gardner Award

Because Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow fertilizers go through a unique aerobic composting process, which is one of the steps of Pearl Valley Farms’ full-circle sustainability efforts, we felt it was important to provide buyers, customers and prospective buyers the background story about how it all started.


Professional Development

Planning for the Worst — Communicating in a Crisis

Lisa Lochridge shares tips and information about preparing for a media crisis.  Now Director of Public Affairs for the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association, she advises planning ahead for any event that could disrupt operations and/or damage the reputation or credibility of a company or publication.

Words on Writing from Peter Clark

One of the highlights from the 2017 TOCA Annual Meeting was the writing workshop hosted by Dr. Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar emeritus, musician, author, editor, and Poynter Institute writing instructor since 1979.

Mitigating Stress to Pollinators

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the decline of the bee population worldwide. Dr. Frank Wong, the Bayer CropScience senior regulatory affairs consultant and the 2017 TOCA Environmental Communicator of the Year, shared his insights on “Pollinators, Pesticides and Public Perceptions.”

End-Users In Green Industry See Social Media as Powerful Communications Tool

The 2017 TOCA Annual Meeting held a panel discussion on how professionals in the green industry use social media and the verdict is clear: Innovative social media end-users find use of this communications tool a benefit for their business.

A Visit to the Social Media Country Club

Social media platforms and tools are evolving every day.  To help members stay ahead of the curve, Scott Covelli and Andy Parmann with EPIC Creative took TOCA to the Social Media Country Club during this year’s annual meeting. Attendees picked up their clubs (pencils) and walked through nine holes of trends, duffs and industry hole-in-ones.

Winners of the 27th Annual TOCA Communications Awards Announced

More than 443 domestic and international entries were made in the 27th annual TOCA Communications Contest.  Herewith, are the winners of the 2017 awards.

TOCA Foundation News:

TOCA announces addition of Marketing Communications internship 

The Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) Foundation is creating a marketing internship program, beginning in 2018.  The creation of this internship complements the existing media internship, generously sponsored by Bayer and going into its sixth year.

Megan Tyminsky, University of Missouri, receives TOCA Publishers’ Scholarship

TOCA Running Club

Answers to three burning running questions

Dan Gardner, special TOCA running correspondent, answers three burning questions runners have.. and recaps the largest turnout for the running club EVER!

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