Roundtable Roundup

By Britney Riggs, Digital Marketing Specialist, Xylem Marketing

The TOCA roundtables were a great way for us all to share and learn best practices and tips from each other. Below is information from two roundtables:

  1. Measurement + Evaluation; and
  2. Productivity + Hacks to help make your job easier.

Roundtables:  Measurement and Evaluation

Measurements of which to be aware:


  • How conscious consumers are of a company
  • Example of measurement: social mentions


  • How consumers interact with a brand
  • Example of measurement: comments on social

 Audience growth

  • Growing your customer base
  • Example of measurement: Twitter follower growth

Key takeaways

  • Spend 15% of a project measuring
  • Do not waste money on stuff that doesn’t work
  • If you’re not going to measure a project, think twice about doing it
  • Before you start a project, figure out the success measurement you want to use
  • Compare campaigns and see what you need to cut
  • Do A/B testing
  • Long periods of time are useful to get an accurate picture


Roundtables:  Productivity and Hacks

 Biggest time wasters:

  • Meetings
    • How to minimize the time waster: have an agenda, try standing meetings, and block off time
  • E-mail
    • How to minimize the time waster: turn off notifications from time to time, look at your email only a few times a day (set a reminder in your e-mail provider), put emails in to do lists, and use time tracking tools, like Basecamp or Workfront, to organize projects from e-mail

Signals to alert co-workers you’re trying to be productive:

  • Close the door
  • Wear ear buds
  • Use red and green (or any agreed upon colors) cards to signify you really need to be productive
    • Green means they can speak to you
    • Red means you really need to work

When you really need to get stuff accomplished try:

  • Deep focus music on Spotify
  • Coffitivity – Recreates the ambient sounds of a café to boost creativity
  • Meditation music
  • Stay later
  • Beat the crowd
  • Walk somewhere else, like a Starbucks if you can
  • Limit multitasking
  • Do not open another web browser unless necessary
  • Take small breaks
  • Nope button – The app that sends a call to your phone when coworkers are distracting