The Smart Garden: Plant with Purpose Blog Post

Gardner Award Winner for Writing for Company Website – Original Content – Marketing By Debbie Clayton We asked Kyle Ladenburger, director of regulatory affairs for EnP Investments, LLC, the following questions about his award for the blog post, “The Smart Garden: Plant with Purpose.” Please briefly describe your winning project. The project I submitted was […]

FX Luminaire Product Catalog, Landscape Lighting

Gardner Award Winner for Design – Marketing Communications: Printed collateral – overall collateral design By Dawn Rigby, Managing Director at Xylem Marketing We asked Hunter Industries’ Steve Sharp, principal designer on the Creative Development team, and Ryan William, director of marketing, the following questions about their winning project “FX Luminaire Product Catalog, Landscape Lighting.” Please […]

A Star in Any Language

Gardner Award Winner for International: Best Writing Publication (article or editorial) By Britney Riggs, Digital Marketing Specialist at Xylem Marketing We asked Scott MacCallum, editor/publisher of Turf Matters, the following questions about his winning project “A Star in Any Language.” Please briefly describe your winning project. A Star in Any Language was Turf Matters’ Ryder […]

TOCA Strategic Plan Continues Implementation

By Kristy Mach Last February, the TOCA board of directors met in Fort Myers, Fla., to develop a strategic plan for the organization. Click here to read up on the full action of the strategic plan. At the annual meeting in Charlotte, members volunteered to serve on the various committees established at the initial strategic […]

Fall Running: It’s More than Exercise

By Dan Gardner, TOCA Special Running Correspondent It’s time to enjoy beautiful fall days. How about a jog/run or walk? Early morning fall running can be a wonderful experience. Check out the colors and stay in shape. Running in cool weather is so exhilarating. Here are some fall running tips I’ve gathered over the years […]

Putting the ‘O’ back into TOCA

By Russell Warner, TOCA Board President Anyone who has been in TOCA board meetings or attended the annual meeting the last couple years has heard the phrase, “putting the ‘O’ back into TOCA.” As we all know, TOCA stands for “Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association.” Let’s be honest… we have excelled at the “T,” but […]

Norman Goldenberg Named the 2019 TOCA Environmental Communicator of the Year

Project EverGreen Sponsors Environmental Communicator Awardwith Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association  Cleveland, Ohio (May 2, 2019) — The Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) and Project EverGreen announce long-time green industry champion Norman Goldenberg as the recipient of the 2019 TOCA Environmental Communicator of the Year Award. The award, which recognizes individuals for outstanding communications […]

TOCA Strategic Plan Committee Provides Update

By JoDee Sattler What are the Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association’s (TOCA) overall goals? What direction should TOCA head? What are TOCA’s priorities? The TOCA Strategic Planning Committee addressed these questions at its strategic planning session held in February and rolled out to members at the 30th annual meeting in Charlotte in May. Here are […]

President’s Column

Writing My First Column and What TOCA Means to Me By Russell Warner, TOCA Board President I am not a writer. I have never produced a press release, a marketing piece, an article or a column. I realize that these skills come easily to a majority of the TOCA membership, but my background is in […]

Only the Beginning…

By Den Gardner, Executive Director For those who attended the Charlotte annual meeting and watched the “tribute” Kristy Mach prepared for the first 30 years of TOCA, themed to the music “Beginnings” by the pop/rock group Chicago, it might seem a dichotomy. (As many of you know, I manage and play in a cover band […]

TOCA Announces Communications Award Winners

By Kristy Mach The Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) honored members from around the world for their outstanding communications entries at the association’s 30th annual meeting, held April 30-May 2, in Charlotte, N.C. This year’s contest drew 362 entries. TOCA’s communications contest recognizes individuals for excellence in writing, design, photography/audio visual, new media and […]

My TOCA Experience, from Across the Pond

By Ellie Parry, Forte Marketing & Public Relations I was thrilled and excited to be informed that I was the recipient of an international stipend, which enabled me to attend TOCA’s 30th Annual Meeting in Charlotte. I arrived a day early so I could take advantage of the sunshine and location, and explored the area […]