FX Luminaire Product Catalog, Landscape Lighting

Gardner Award Winner for Design – Marketing Communications: Printed collateral – overall collateral design
By Dawn Rigby, Managing Director at Xylem Marketing

Steve Sharp

We asked Hunter Industries’ Steve Sharp, principal designer on the Creative Development team, and Ryan William, director of marketing, the following questions about their winning project “FX Luminaire Product Catalog, Landscape Lighting.”

Please briefly describe your winning project.

The project is a product catalog for our landscape lighting brand, FX Luminaire. Primarily, distributors and contractors use the catalog. FX Luminaire is known for its superior products, constant innovation and excellent customer service.

What were your main objectives in developing this project?

Ryan Williams

Our objective was to design a catalog that clearly communicates to customers that FX Luminaire manufactures highly efficient products with longer lifespans than our competitors. We wanted to create a piece that was visually appealing, clean and simple to use. We refined the charts to simplify the information and ordering process. Since this is a printed piece, we wanted it to have a nice, tactile feel. That’s why we used perfect binding with a soft-touch coating on the cover.

What influenced your approach?

The factor that most influenced our approach was our objective to reinforce FX Luminaire as a high-end brand. We included large beauty shots, lots of white space and minimal, clean chart graphics. Since we are also starting to offer our products globally, we looked critically at catalogs from European companies that might be potential competitors so that we could create literature that is competitive with global brands and styles.

Please tell us what you think stood out in your winning entry.

The FX Luminaire product catalog stands out because of its large, dramatic photographs, which span across the spreads that divide each product category, combined with the soft-touch coating on the cover and perfect binding.