Gardner Award for Design – Marketing Communications

Foliar Pak 2018 Product Catalog

Gardner Award Winner for Design – Marketing Communications
Printed Collateral – Overall Collateral Design

By Scott Covelli (on behalf of the TOCA professional development committee)

We asked Dawn Ribgy, Managing Director, Xylem Marketing, the following questions about Foliar Pak 2018. (Other members of her team were Justin Thiry, Britney Riggs, Courtney Mullen, Victoria Carter, Jess Simpson, and Storm Timberlake)

Please briefly describe your winning project.

Xylem Marketing developed a 56-page printed catalog to showcase the newly rebranded Foliar-Pak product line. Foliar-Pak nutrient products are sold through an exclusive network of private distributors to golf course superintendents, groundskeepers, turf managers, and lawn and landscape applicators. Foliar-Pak’s 2018 product catalog has become a powerful sales tool for distributor sales representatives and a trusted resource for customers.

Our team handled every aspect of the project, from concept, design, and layout to customer interviews, photography, and technical writing.

What were your main objectives in developing this project?

Xylem Marketing was tasked to create a catalog that promoted each product in the Foliar-Pak line while highlighting the new products and updated formulations. The company had recently reformulated several products and consolidated two branded product lines into one. This catalog was an opportunity to tell that story, while uniting the product users to rally behind one brand.

What influenced your approach?

Foliar-Pak customers truly inspired this project. With so many new products and updated formulations in the Foliar-Pak product line, we wanted to include feedback from real customers that had used the products. However, it was their willingness to contribute to the project that made this catalog so successful.

Collaborating with Foliar-Pak’s customers, we were able to conduct product trials, photograph the results, and sit down for in-depth interviews with 12 different product users. This content was essential to the catalog design, and we were also able to reuse it in campaigns across other marketing channels, including social media and the Foliar-Pak website.

Please tell us what you think stood out in your winning entry.

It’s the little extras—like the spot UV printing effects on the cover and perfect binding—that make this piece stand out as printed marketing collateral. Each part is intentional. The catalog cover features a large droplet, originally incorporated in the standard logo, to signify the liquid nature of the products. Amino acid structures are incorporated into the design using spot UV coating to illustrate the science behind the new product formulas.

Throughout the catalog, testimonial pages display original photography and quotes from our customer interviews next to the corresponding product pages. The completed project became more than a product catalog; it is a compilation of stories told by the product users.