Syngenta Divanem Nematicide Launch

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Gardner Award Winner for Special Projects — Marketing Series — Two or more articles
by Jill Odom

We asked Mark LaFleur, communications lead for Turf and Ornamental, Syngenta, the following questions about the Divanem nematicide launch.

Please briefly describe your winning project.

Syngenta and its agencies were awarded a Gardner award for the launch of Divanem® nematicide. The launch included print and digital advertising, news releases, a media tour of trials conducted during the 2017 Golf Industry Show, videos, customer testimonials, targeted e-mail communications, new webpage, soil sampling kits, social media support and a pay-per-click campaign.

What were your main objectives in developing this project?

Our launch of Divanem was really a two-pronged approach. Clearly, we wanted to create brand awareness of Divanem among golf course superintendents. That said, we wanted to take it one step further to educate superintendents about nematodes. So, we developed a comprehensive campaign that created awareness and educated.

What influenced your approach?

The approach we take to launching products is about more than selling a product. It is about providing a solution to a problem. We could have simply developed a print ad, sell sheet, product page and called it a day. But as the industry has transitioned cultural practices that are favorable to nematodes, we realized there was an information gap.

Please tell us what you think stood out in your winning entry.

Ultimately, I think the fact that our campaign was so comprehensive and took several different approaches is what made our campaign stick out. Including things like a nematode sampling kit with information on how to take the samples and where to send them were quite unique. One other element that may have stuck out to the judges is the fact that many of our metrics for the campaign exceeded industry standards.

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