TOCA Running Club Unites! Plus, more running tips

By Dan Gardner, TOCA Special Running Correspondent

We set a record for participants in the TOCA Annual Meeting Walk/Run in Tampa in May.  We appreciate the great turnout and look forward to even bigger numbers next year in Cincinnati.  We’ve grown the number of participants each year.  It was also great to see so many of you at the TOCA annual meeting and especially wonderful to run alongside (or behind) so many of you at the walk/run.

As with most regular columns, “many” emails and text messages follow each edition of TOCA Talk and this column.  That is certainly true for this publication.  I shall try to answer three questions most often asked:  1.  If I’ve never been a “runner,” how might I get started?  2.  Any hints on pre and post-running eating/drinking?  3.  Does jogging really help in reducing weight?

  1. Speaking from experience, start your running regimen by walking 5 days each week.  Start by walking for 30 minutes, extend that to 60 minutes after a few weeks.  FIND TIME IN YOUR DAY TO DO THIS!  If you can handle this, you can start running after about a month.  Combine walking (as a warmup) and running at first, then work your way into a solid running program with a slow jog to start, then work your way to a faster pace.
  2. Nutrition is important ALWAYS.  Regarding pre and post running eating/drinking habits, I suggest not eating a couple of hours ahead of your run – if you are a beginner and are running just a few miles each time.  If you think you need to eat something, have some raisins or possibly a banana. After a run, hydrate and then eat normally.  Water is just fine as a hydrating method (before and after).
  3. As you know, losing weight means burning calories.  Make good choices with your eating habits.  Ask your physician about dietary plans to eat healthy (and not go out and eat irresponsibly).  Challenge yourself and keep on a schedule of running and eating responsibly.

Feel free to contact me – Dan Gardner at – your TOCA Running Editor.  I’ll be happy to help you with any running questions, general health concerns or simply share my philosophy for living life at its optimal level.

Finally – to help make TOCA the best membership association it can be – keep that brain working as you get very much needed exercise and formulate how YOU can play a part in making TOCA the best association it can be. Until next time, be well, be smart, be healthy and be TOCA!

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