A New Dawn: Dawn Rigby Joins TOCA Board

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by Scott Covelli
EPIC Creative

Dawn Rigby is the marketing manager for Xylem Marketing (the marketing services division of Advanced Turf Solutions), based in Fishers, Ind. She recently added to her resumé by being elected to the TOCA board of directors, where she serves on the Professional Development committee. Read on to learn more about what makes Dawn shine in and out of the industry.

How did you originally get involved in the turf industry?

I was introduced to the industry when I joined Advanced Turf Solutions as a marketing coordinator in 2012. I was 25, relocating to the Indianapolis area from a different city, and open to any career opportunity that would allow me to learn and become a better marketer. I didn’t know much about the green industry, but I knew right away that Advanced Turf Solutions – with its employee-owned business model, entrepreneurial culture and passionate employees – was the opportunity I was seeking.

The company has grown a great deal since then and I have been fortunate enough to grow with it. Today, I’m the director of marketing for Advanced Turf Solutions and I lead the company’s marketing services division, Xylem Marketing.

What do you like best about TOCA?

I joined TOCA to pursue professional development opportunities within the green industry, but I got involved on committees and joined the board because of the people. For me, TOCA has been this amazing network of green industry communication experts who are there to support each other. It’s a community.

TOCA members are friendly, creative and a little quirky. They are passionate about our industry and they use their talents to elevate it. These are my people.

TOCA provides excellent professional development resources, too! The TOCA annual meetings offer in-depth writing workshops, panel discussions featuring industry experts and opportunities for idea sharing and networking.

What is your role at Xylem Marketing and what’s your favorite part of your job?
In 2017, we launched Xylem Marketing as a marketing services division of Advanced Turf Solutions. I am the managing director of Xylem Marketing and I love my job – especially working with my team, our clients and our partners in the green industry. My favorite part is contributing to the growth of a business or creating something new. When you can realize the success of a project and witness the results of your team’s efforts, that is a great feeling.

What’s a secret hobby or passion you have that not many people know?

I’m a minimalist. It’s not really a hobby, but I have grown rather passionate about it. Minimalism is about making room for what’s important by getting rid of what isn’t. I have always appreciated minimalist design, but my husband introduced me to the concept of minimalism as a lifestyle. With less “stuff,” we actually end up with more – more time, more money and more freedom.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Stay curious, try new things and fail fast. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work for leaders who gave me the freedom to experiment and empowered me to think of creative new ways to achieve success. But, not every new idea will result in success. The trick is to figure that out quickly. Failing fast means remaining agile. Develop new ideas incrementally an test them early. And if they don’t work, pivot and move on.

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