‘Down But Not Out’

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Gardner Award Winner – Publishing

Photography, Video and Multimedia
Golf Course Management magazine

by Britney Riggs

We asked Scott Hollister, editor-In-chief of Golf Course Management magazine, the following questions about the winning photography entry, “November GCM – Down But Not Out.”

Please briefly describe the winning entry. 

This image served as the lead photo for a feature story on a golf course superintendent who had suffered a serious head injury while on the job, his long road to recovery and the impact the injury had on his life and career.

What were the main objectives in developing this entry? 

Our primary goal was to get an image that put the focus on the subject of the story (and its author) but also tied the important role of the golf course in his recovery. We are very fortunate as a golf course publication to have some spectacular backdrops for photos, such as this one. And this photo of Brian Youell didn’t disappoint.

What influenced your approach? 

Brian had written previously for us about his experiences and this story was a follow-up to that one. Since the original story, he had made great progress in his recovery, had fully returned to work and had begun to share his story with others facing recoveries from head injuries. So, imagery that alluded to all of that was important to us.

Please tell us what you think stood out in the winning entry. 

I would hope it was because judges felt the finished product from the photographer, Chad Hipolito, delivered on the objectives we set out when planning this shoot. Hopefully, the ball in the bunker and the metaphorical tie to all that Brian Youell had been through in his life and career came through, as well. It didn’t hurt that the image had Brian in a triumphant position, rising above that ball in the bunker, and by extension, all that the head injury had brought his way.

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