BIGGA Launches BTME Digital Media Centre

By Karl Hansell, BIGGA Communications Executive

Large exhibitions by their very nature take up a large amount of resources. Bringing people together from all over Europe is no small feat, but the golf industry is making strides toward sustainability and we’re keen on leading that charge.

BTME in Harrogate, England

British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) supports schemes such as The R&A’s Golf Course 2030. Also, we’re the official media partner of STRI’s (Sports Turf Research Institute) Golf Environment Awards.

So, many of our members are getting involved with ways of reducing waste, recycling and promoting best practices regarding environmental awareness. We believe that BIGGA should do what it can to follow suit. That’s why we’ve worked hard this year to implement a Digital Media Centre at BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME). It’s just one small step, but we’re moving in the right direction and hopefully as it catches on, other schemes will come into force and BTME will get better and better.

With public relations staff and press officers writing huge amounts about their products digitally and then journalists typing those words into their digital newsletters, or working for print through a digital platform, it makes sense to cut out the middleman. Printing documents seems wasteful and doesn’t suit the modern image of golf and greenkeeping.

The idea of a digital media office was broached by Ellie Parry of Forte Marketing at BTME 2018 and I immediately saw the potential. I’m delighted that with the launch of our new website in 2018, we had the opportunity to implement this new digital platform. I think the possibilities are endless and it’s great that we’re able to take these first small steps toward a more sustainable show.

The ever-popular BTME Welcome Celebration will return in 2019.

With the Digital Media Centre, we’ll be phasing out printed new releases and information over the coming years, asking communications staff to instead upload their information to that platform and reduce the number of printed documents they bring to the show.

This will not only be more efficient, tidier and sustainable, but it will also allow journalists to access the information in the weeks following the event, while giving access to news from those who weren’t able to attend.

The BTME 2019 Digital Media Centre is accessible here