Winter Running

By Dan Gardner, TOCA Special Running Correspondent

Now that the mid-term elections are over (are they still recounting?), it’s time to get back to some serious conditioning and enjoying the few tidbits shared here about running.

Most of this article will deal with running in northern states – where there is snow on the ground and roadways. Wintertime running can be invigorating as long as you prepare appropriately and be safe. If you live in warmer climates, just skip my column this month. Ha!

A good friend of mine once told me – regarding running outside in the winter: “Get a taxi and head for a gym. Run on the treadmill for a couple of hours.” The only negative to that is the loss of that wonderful feeling when you finish a run in zero-degree weather – and head indoors for a hot shower. If you’re going to jog outside, wear a helmet. Skis? Head for the closest psychiatrist’s office? Just kidding.

My other good friend (I have only two – another sad story to share another time) once told me to forget running in the winter altogether. He said if you are near the end of the year and you are nowhere near meeting the goals you had set for the running season, this can be very disheartening. That’s why it is simply a good idea to stop – accept defeat – and head for the nearest watering hole. There is always next spring to get started again. Or select another form of exercise. Kidding again!

Be careful out there during the winter running season. A lot of incidents can happen that are not positive. However, check out some past winter issues of TOCA Talk for my suggestions regarding safety on winter roadways. Start with a pair of new running shoes as a holiday present.

Finally, be thinking while you run about all the ways to make TOCA the best membership association it can be and how YOU can play a part in making TOCA the best it can be. Until next time, be well, be smart, be healthy and be TOCA!

Last year I wrote the following message to close my winter column: Anyone who responds positively to the editors regarding this issue’s running article will be rewarded famously at the next TOCA Annual Meeting. No one did. Let’s try again. I shall see you in Charlotte in 2019. Can spring be far away?