The Smart Garden: Plant with Purpose Blog Post

Gardner Award Winner for Writing for Company Website – Original Content – Marketing
By Debbie Clayton

Kyle Ladenburger

We asked Kyle Ladenburger, director of regulatory affairs for EnP Investments, LLC, the following questions about his award for the blog post, “The Smart Garden: Plant with Purpose.”

Please briefly describe your winning project.

The project I submitted was an essay on how to design and execute a garden to best fit each individual gardener. I focused on ways to streamline a garden and the space it inhabits in a fashion that results in less waste and promotes much more overall productivity and pleasure. The core idea is creating a garden to reflect a gardener’s true tastes and bring maximum enjoyment, instead of anxiety and stress. 

What were your main objectives in developing this project?

My goal was to show people there are ways to create a bountiful and productive garden that is completely manageable and not overwhelming. Many gardeners start with gardens that are too big and lack focus and foresight. After getting through half a season, it often becomes daunting for them. In the face of such a monumental task, they tend to give up and the enjoyment of gardening disappears. My objective was to present a piece debunking the idea that “bigger is better” and show people that it’s possible to go big in a small way.

What influenced your approach?

The piece came from my own experience as a gardener for more than 10 years. Through trial, error, hindsight and focus, my garden evolved into what it is today: a smarter, more thoughtfully executed garden that has little waste, doesn’t take up all of my free time, and provides excellent harvests throughout the season. The piece takes the reader through my journey – from learning how to properly design a garden to preserving a harvest for future use. I hope the reader can learn from my experiences and get off to the best start possible.

Please tell us what you think stood out in your winning entry.

I think its simplicity makes this piece stand out. It shows a reader that, with proper thought and dedication, a simple and manageable garden is within basically everyone’s grasp. Gardening should be enjoyable. We shouldn’t have to look at it like a chore. I wanted to show everyone how easy it can be to create a focused garden with a real purpose. I believe my piece broke things down in a manner that simplifies the process, showing what is accessible to all.